The Moment – JayDoubL

The Moment by JayDoubL from the Transition Album

Ray Charles to the bullshit, harmony, all music,
rocking, rapping, dabbing, fuck it – don’t need to prove it
It’s a party we can jump around, good times, do it over time
and I been around to know when it’s real or masked up bullshit,
start the show, slow the mo, picking up dime pieces every where I go,
A mi amore, the moments what I live for, excuse me – it’s just the new me

Hook – Oh I live, for the moment (X4)

(Rap) What’s the occasion, it’s a celebration, xenophobia, racism, we got rid of it, no segregation
We do the same the bullshit, this must be stupid, but when she suck me off, I really really really really really like it stupid (ay) moment to moment, the future is far but the past is gone, yingin to yanga, life is a gamble you can flip the coin, it’s like sex through December, after no nut November, still steps ahead a ya, do you remember

Hook – Oh I live, for the moment (X4)

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