Heal Me Single

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About the Song

Heal Me is a fun and catchy song by JayDoubL. It tells the story of a couple seeking counselling to spice up their relationship. They visit a doctor to get the best advice and get a lot more in the process… You’ll have to watch, see and enjoy the song!

The song was written and produced by JayDoubL. After a career transition, he decided to create a song with a major production that would be fun and relate to relationships all while being catchy enough to dance to.

The video was shot for two days in Chicago in the heart of winter in February. Many of the cast are professional actors and others are friends of JayDoubL. It was a lot of fun and pokes some fun at the WGN Morning News Cast, who the artist watches religiously.

Heal Me is one of JayDoubL’s great successes as an artist and example of what can be done when an artist works with a great team.