JayDoubL – Blackout

Song Lyrics –

Higher than Ontario – meet the impresario – can you feel it can you feel it, is you tripping to rhythm. Closer to the black hole, with God no time zone -(no no no) high up above, no conditions to the love – I love there, I love beer, with drugs over here and your friends over there – get ready for the black out, for the black out, get ready for the black blackout uh.

(Why)the world so slo mo, faster on her tippie “toes” turn me to fein, smoking with the hippies, searching for free will, swallow the blue pill, from death to excitement, it’s peace, just be still – my minds defused, it feels the anorexia, dates with Siri, dinner with Alexa, lets talk about sex, since you’re salt where’s the peppa, it ends up coming off, but we started the rubber – think you’re free till you discover the cage, it’s light out, you still rocking the stage – I need the freedom to heal my soul – the great escape I rock in roll… Get ready for the black out, for the black out, get ready for the black blackout uh. #blackout #jaydoubl #hiphop

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